Scumbug Ugly

Scumbug, along with Muckman, Mutagen Man, and Wyrm, holds a high slot in the list of the most grotesque original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures of all time.

Like Baxter Stockman, Scumbug was once a human, but through an accident of science became a freak of insect/human-hybrid nature.

Two things make Scumbug more grotesque than just his initial mutation, however.

First: he is a mutated cockroach (EVERYONE hates cockroaches - they're totally disgusting!) with all the sculpted details of a man in the midst of transmogrifying into a six foot tall Man-Roach! Blech!

Second: when you quickly turn his head from side to side his lower jaw chatters. A simple yet effectively icky action feature.

I suppose you could also add the fact that his toxic turtle exterminator backpack has hoses going DIRECTLY INTO HIS CHEST to that list as well. Or the fact that malformed appendages are popping from his torso. Or that he's covered with cockroaches like some goliath king of theirs. Or those eyes popping from his head, staring STRAIGHT INTO YOUR SOUL!!!!

Scumbug is a wonderfully disgusting TMNT figure indeed, and I love him for it!


  1. Reppin that Ninja Turtle nostalgia right now...so good!

    1. I am - and there are still more to come this month!

  2. Love this guy, but I don't remember him as a kid. Now you've got me thinking that my Muckman needs a buddy to hang out with him!

  3. Love this one!
    We recently found it too!!!

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    1. Haha had I planned better I could have made it a theme!