I'm Looking Through You, You're Not The Same!

This ugly cuss is called Mutagen Man.

He's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain character and was originally released in 1990.

The gimmick for this guy is that his innards are free floating inside his "glass" body. You can even fill him up with water (which I did) in order to enhance the effect. I considered filling him with slime, but the slime I have is not transparent enough and would make seeing his innards impossible. I also considered adding some food coloring to the water but decided, for now, to stick with regular old clear cool delicious H2O.

There's a lot of detail on his insides and his outsides too. He even has some little plastic bits floating inside (like a wrench and a little turtle!)

He's like a monstrous snow globe!

I got this TMNT character second-hand recently, so I don't know anything more about him. I do know he's missing an accessory or two (there's a space on his back for what looks like a scuba-tank apparatus) so if anyone has spare Mutagen Man accessories laying around, I'll take 'em!


  1. I had this figure back when I was a kid, and was thoroughly impressed by the water filling gimmick.

  2. Man, I've seen this guy before. I really must have him. Also, I think he'd look cool with some kind of green or red fluid. Red would be particularly gross.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm going to eBay right now to look for him.

  3. I was just thinking about this figure the other day, my son had him in his massive TMNT collection.

  4. Mario - it is pretty impressive - the water really magnifies the innards!

    Justin - off to eBay yet again?!?! I should get a commission!

    Hey CB, if your son ever wants to get rid of that TMNT collection let me know - I was never really into them at the time but they're kind of growing on me lately!

  5. Mutagen Man was a favorite of mine. I actually ended up with two of him because I asked everyone I knew for him for Christmas. He had some gray tubing and a yellow air tank that went on his back, plus all the "junk" that went inside. I used to pretend he was Krang's cousin or brother or something.

  6. Thanks for swinging by prfkttear! Mutagen Man sure was popular - and I can see why!