Pretty Fly For a White Guy

Keeping with our recent TMNT theme, Baxter Stockman is another of the early villains from the Ninja Turtles toy and cartoon line.

An obvious hmage to the classic horror film about science gone awry - "The Fly" - Baxter Stockman is a scientist whose experiments went awry, and who turned himself into a fly like mutant creature.

Baxter is cool on a lot of levels. His classic B-Movie horror schtick, his early Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles connections...

...and he's pretty FLY for a white guy!


  1. I had this figure a long time ago. I remember really liking the wings and extra arms. Looking at it now, it seems odd that his hands still look normal.

  2. How old is this figure? It still look so new. Normally the white part should be yellowish by now... Good condition toy!

  3. I have to say E, I'm really enjoying the TMNT coverage. Makes me want to go to the store and buy me some turtles!

  4. Mario - good point - funny how all of him is "fly" except his hands. I guess they wanted him to retain some humanity, or at least opposable thumbs!

    LEon - he's dated 1989. He is in pretty good shape for his age. If he had been in my collection since day one however he would be MINT! ;)

    CB - thanks! I still have a couple more to do as well. Stay tuned!