WIN a bag of AJ's Toy Boarders Series 1 and 2!

The fine folks over at AJ's Toy Boarders sent me an extra bag of their newest Series 2 for review, and I still have an extra bag from my Series 1 review, so I figured a give-away was in order!

One lucky winner will receive both bags (Series 1 and Series 2)


Read on!

First, let's take a look at Series 2. Like Series 1, at first glance you appear to have a bag of basic plastic army men. But look closer...

They're all skaters!

Not much to say about them beyond the cool/cute factor. Simple like the plastic army men/space men/firemen et al of yore, AJ's Toy Boarders recall a simpler time when toys didn't need bells and whistles and batteries and a wall outlet to be fun! I know I'd have pockets full of these if I were still in elementary school, playing with them on the playground and even illegally at my desk!

These will definitely make a great stocking stuffer for the little skater in your family.

Series 2 comes at ya' with eight all new sculpts...

There's "Trippy McSkidsalot,"

"The Green Hoody,"


"Slouchy LeHatbackwards,"

"Upskirt Jones,"

"Gloria Grindslalot," (AJ's Toy Boarder's first female skater! Yay!)

"Flannel Pete,"

and...one more but I somehow forgot to get his picture! Which is where you come in and could win!

Name the missing member of AJ's Toy Boarder's Series 2. Oh, and this is a creative exercise, no need to actually describe the real missing figure. Make something up and be funny!

Leave your response as a comment and I will pick one winner on December 10th at midnight California time.

The only rule is: winner must be in the continental US. Sorry to all my international fans but it's almost Christmas so I can't be spending all that money to ship overseas!

What are you waiting for? All this could be yours!


  1. Dan "El Electrico" Harper

    Raised on the mean streets of Greenwich, CT, Dan became known as "El Electrico" (the electric one) for his blazing array of skate moves and leaving you with a tingling sensation after watching him on the halfpipe.

  2. Waaaahhh! I'm in the UK! I know I can't win but the other guy is 'Scuffy McFaceplant'. Happy EggsMess everyone!

  3. I have an address in the continental U.S.

    I shall name him...Ollie Scootertoot Yeah whenever he ollies he lets slip out a little toot accidently...

  4. "Nut Crusher" Nate -- he's in a fetal position holding his injured crotch
    Ha ha ha poor Nate

  5. The winner is Krakit! Email me your address!