Batmobile Matchbox Redux

Matchbox released it's first ever Batmobile in 2012, based on Mattel's basic Batman action figure Batmobile. Not the prettiest of Batmobiles, but a $1 1:64 scale die-cast Batmobile is a $1 1:64 scale die-cast Batmobile!

New for 2013, Matchbox re-painted and re-released their Batmobile offering, and I have to admit I much prefer this new paint scheme over the previous version.

The details of the design are much more evident in this black on grey color scheme and pretty the car up quite a bit.

The red detailing pops and adds nice highlights to the the vehicle.

This version of the Matchbox Batmobile is far less embarrassing than the relatively monochrome sparkly blue version, and I admit it has me appreciating this vehicle design a lot more than before.

On a related note, next weekend I will be attending the Barrett-Jackson auto auction where they will be auctioning off the original Barris Batmobile! I won't be buying it; I can't afford it unless I sell my soul and children (any takers?) but hopefully I'll get close enough for some pictures. Stay tuned!

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  1. The first time I saw this I had to do a double take because I didn't even recognize it as a Batmobile.

    1. When I saw it on the shelf I was surprised too. Not many Batmobiles aren't black or blue!

    2. I just saw this one today after work and was think you might already have it Eric.

  2. You know, they also plan on releasing the figure-sized version of this color scheme. That's why the Blue version is on clearance in most places. I forgot what kinda crazy name they're using for it, but it should be hitting stores soon.

  3. Lucky! I want to go to that auction. BTW, how much for your soul?

  4. Not a matchbox guy, but hey, it's a batmobile... gotta get some of those. But in my opinion, Hot wheels makes better Batmobiles..