Catwoman Purrrsday :: Julie Newmar Catwoman Action Figure Revealed!

Action Figure Insiders got the scoop this week on Mattel's 6" 1966 Batman Classic TV show Julie Newmar Catwoman action figure. Check out the pics below!
This is the pre-articulation 'paint master' phase of design, so the actual figure will have all the same articulation as the rest of the series.

I don't know, the face looks too 'Barbie' to me. But still a beautiful figure and I'm sure she'll be a hard one to pass up!

Thanks to AFI for bringing this one into the light!


  1. I will be holding out for the Figures toy company version.

  2. I had seen some reports of this being the Barbie version, but of course they were incorrect. I am looking forward to this figure. Especially since there wasn't an individual release of the Anne Hathaway version of the figure. Damn! Another time you were right.

  3. I like this. The face does seem a bit off to me, but I love any chance to own a Catwoman figure, so I'm in! I'm glad you posted this too, I haven't seen it yet.