Gonzo the Great

Gonzo is hands down one of the greatest of all Muppet creations! Blue nosed chicken loving daredevil extraordinaire, I always preferred the mystery of 'what is he?' which all changed when he was revealed to be from an alien race. Much like Boba Fett, the romance around Gonzo's origin is gone, but his coolness lives on!

This Gonzo plush was made in 1981. The family and I were at a local flea market recently, and a lady thought our lovable Toyriffic Intern was so cute she said 'she can have any toy she wants!' (This happens often.) Well of course I guided her towards Gonzo because I had been eyeing him myself - a good Dad needs to introduce his kids to the classics by gum!

Originally Gonzo's outfit was silver but this one has faded to an off-white over time. His cape is still as bright as ever though! His whole costume is removable (but that doesn't make him a dolly!) except for the shoes, and I believe you could buy alternate outfits for him back in 1981 (but that still doesn't make him a dolly!)

I've always loved Gonzo due to his mad blend of Evel Kenevel and...a choking flamingo...? His failed stunts were a highlight of every Muppet Show. Next to Kermit, Gonzo is probably my favorite Muppet of all time.


  1. I liked the voice of him for sure. And being in love with chickens...

  2. He was always a favorite of mine too.

  3. He was definitely my favorite too. Muppet Babies was such a great show! That's what I reminded of when I see this guy.