Batgirl Unlimited

I picked up this Batman Unlimited Batgirl at Target a few weeks back. This is the New 52 version of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.

Released in Batman Unlimited wave 1 along with the Superpowers deco Penguin and another Batman, this must be the 'to have' figure of the bunch, because I haven't seen her on shelves since.

While Barbara has always been my favorite Batgirl, I much prefer her as Oracle and really grew to love Stephanie Brown before she was wiped from DCU existence (for the time being.)

So I really like this costume, which is inspired in no small part by Steph's Batgirl costume.

I do wish Bab's hair was redder, it's too brown on this toy, but that's a minor quibble. And (knock wood) I've been lucky with Mattel QC recently, so I shouldn't complain! All in all this is a great looking Batgirl action figure and one I recommend highly!


  1. Calvin says everything is better with Batgirl...

  2. Babs is my favorite too. I actually saw this at Target the other day and absolutley loved it, but passed. Need to continue saving up for the Batman TV series toys coming up before you know it.

  3. Really cool modern design of a rather classic version of a Batgirl.