Harley Qwednesday :: Bombshell Harley Quinn

Coming soon from DC Collectibles, the greatest thing to happen to statuary since Michelangelo took chisel to granite:

Hubba mutherflippin' HUBBA!

The latest entry in the DC Collectibles 'Bombshells' line of gorgeous mid century American pin-up art inspired DC Universe Superheorines comes the one, the only...Harley Quinn!

Now there's just no way I can convince the wife to let me spend a hundred bucks to ogle this thing all day long. Fortunately, this Harley Quinn design will also be appearing on a T-Shirt!

At around $20, this I can get away with!

Here's a detailed look at the back of the statue and Harley's jacket. Cool stuff indeed!

I'm no statue collector, but this is one I'd gladly own...if I only could!

PS: A gentle plea to all the Harley Quinns out there...bring on the cosplay inspired by this statue ASAP!


  1. I like this! I really do because I have a soft spot for pin-up girls and this one fits inline with the playful but often times sexy nature of them plus it's comic book related so how can you go wrong?

  2. Wow I think this is the first non-murderous, non-psychotic Harley I've ever seen!

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