Smurfs 2 Vexy (and Grouchy!)

Smurfs 2 doesn't hit theatres until July 31st, but the toys are already hitting retail.

I saw the first movie with my daughter, and I admit I didn't hate it like I thought I would. I've seen a lot worse done to beloved Saturday Morning properties!

I haven't seen the preview yet for this sequel, but this time around there's a new Smurfette in town, sort of...

Actually this is Vexy, a 'Naughty' created by Gargamel to, I don't know, trap the Smurfs...or something. Like I said, I haven't seen the preview, and only gleaned that info via a quick google search.

What I do know is that the in original origin of Smurfette was that she was created by Gargamel to, I don't know, trap the Smurfs...or something. And she had black hair. She became blonde when Papa Smurf turned her from evil, and turned her on to Miss Clairol apparently.

And so while Vexy the Naughty (a swell stripper name if I ever heard one!) isn't exactly Evil Smurfette, she's pretty close and probably inspired by that whole concept to begin with, so she's pretty cool.

Vexy comes in a two figure set with Grouchy. "I hate two figure sets with Grouchy!"

"I hate pseudo-Evil Smurfettes"

Oh come on Grouchy. Admit it, she's kinda cute!

Vexy is also voiced by Christina Ricci.

"I hate Christina Ricci!"

Grouchy! You need an attitude adjustment, pronto. I'm going to get my intern.

"I hate interns..."
"...AAAAHHH! Okay, okay, I LOVE interns! and Christina Ricci, and two figure sets, and proto evil Smurfettes with stripper names! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!"

These two figure sets are retailing for around $6.99, but for some reason my local target had this set and one other on clearance for $1.76! They must have thought they were holdovers from the last movie, or they weren't in the system yet, or...something. My local Target has done weird things like that before. Regardless, I got lucky to find them for so cheap!


  1. She is cute and if Ricci is doing the voice then very Vexy urrr Sexy i mean lol.