Nemesis Prime :: Transformers Mico-Changers Series 3 Plus Codes!

It seems like just yesterday that I discovered the Transformers Micro Changers Series 2 Arcee, and yet yesterday I stumbled on a case of Series 3 Kreons at Target! After perusing the back of the package and seeing the offerings, I decided that, like with Series 2, there was really only one I needed: Nemesis Prime!

Nemesis Prime, aka Black Convoy, aka Scourge, is basically Optimus Prime in Raiders colors. And with a Raider Nation attitude to boot.

I've always been a fan of Black Convoy/Nemesis Prime/Scourge, so I of course had to squeeze all the packages to find this guy! I now know that the code for Nemesis Prime on the back right of the packages ends in '52.'

I do the squeezing so you don't have to!

I already have an Optimus Prime Kreon, so as you can see NP is nothing more than a re-paint. Although Nemesis Prime does come with extra pieces so he can be converted into a semi:

Like most Transformer Kreon conversions, it's pretty jinky, but I give them an A+ for effort.

'Yeehaaaaawwww! Ride-em cowboy!'

Convoy fans are going to want Nemesis Prime. I went ahead and googled for the rest of the codes for this series in case you're interested in more:

Nosecone – 50
Thrust – 51
Nemesis Prime – 52
Ramjet – 53
Huffer – 54
Kickback – 55
Long Haul – 56
Guzzle – 57
Sharkticon -58
Cheetor – 59
Beachcomber – 60
Seawing – 61


  1. I am always so behind on everything! I can't believe a third series is already here!