The Walking Dead...Playmobil style!

In addition to the Fi?ures Playmobil bind bagged 'klickys' I've been picking up since that series began, I recently procured a bunch of figures and accessories from a garage sale. I've been actively turning the stuff I got into customs, and some of my proudest are Rick, Daryl and Hershel from The Walking Dead!

My intern helped with the group shot set-up, but enough about the group, let's focus on everyone's favorite zombie killer: Daryl...

When I told my wife I was going to make some Walking Dead characters, the first thing she said was 'I want Daryl.' Come to think of it, her statement had nothing whatsoever to do with me or what I was doing or saying at the time. In fact, I'm not sure  she even knew I was in the room.

Sigh. Oh well, I made Daryl anyways!

He has an axe, a crossbow, a knife in a holster and a quiver. He's made up of two or three different Playmobil figures. He's also...LOOK OUT DARYL!!!!!

CHUMPcrunchGURGLEsquish!!!! "I got this!, you go back to your dollies, loser!"


I also made Rick, who looks more like Carl with that hat and baby face. I need to find a face with more stubble, but for now, this one works just fine. It is the standard Playmobil face, after all.

In putting together the zombie, I discovered that Playmobil skeleton legs fit inside the hip structure of the standard klicky body! A pretty ingenious bit of design, since the skeleton is a completely different design than the standard figures!

Hershel was mostly an afterthought, but I had a white beard and pony-tail hairpiece, so I figured 'what the heck!'

That's my Walking Dead Playmobil line-up so far, although I do have a SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN SEASON 3...eye-patched headpiece that would be perfect for The Governor END SPOILER... and a kid Playmobil klicky to play Carl, so this isn't The End!


  1. Sorry...I couldn't read this due to there might have been spoilers in it. I still haven't watched season 3 yet.

    1. Hmm, good point, I'll adjust one little statement to eliminate any type of spoilers and then you'll be safe to read it!

  2. This is so amazingly cool! I love it!

  3. If I haven't told you before that you're a genius, I am now...You're a genius!