Transformers Generations Classics 3.0 'Thrilling 30th' Trailcutter (Trailbreaker!)

The Transformers have brought out some great modern takes on classic G1 characters over the past few years: Cliffjumper, Wheeljack, Jazz, Prowl, and Ultra Magnus being some of my personal favorites. The latest Classics 3.0 'Thrilling 30th' release of Trailcutter (from here on out TrailBREAKER - take THAT lawyers!) is no exception.

Ever since the Generations/Classics line began bringing out updated versions of classic Generation 1 characters, I've longed for a good Trailbreaker. He was a character I didn't own as a kid but always admired. And now Hasbro has finally made it happen, and I was lucky enough to find him at my local Target last week.

This Classics 3.0 'Thrilling 30th' wave includes Orion Pax (Optimus Prime's pre-Matrix identity), a Megatron that transforms into a B-2 Bomber type flying wing, Bumblebee (with a G1-ish head sculpt but a movie/Camaro type alt mode), and the stand-out Trailbreaker (now dubbed Trailcutter.)

the rest were easy 'passes' for me, although Orion Pax is cool if only from a conceptual level, and I may get him in the future.

Trailbreaker's head sculpt is very G1ish (and not movie-insectiod!) - it is more cartoon based and not original toy based, but since I never had the toy and only really know him from the cartoon, this works for me.

His robot mode is great. Transformers these days have about 9,845,367% more articulation than their G1 predecessors, and this modern Trailbreaker can boogie with the rest of them.

His bed cover becomes a gun/shield and has a neat handle/front piece to protect his fist as well.

It also mounts to his back to emulate the look of the G1 Trailbreaker. And there's nothing better than an action figure who can mount their weapons and accessories on their person. It makes play and display so much easier!

Trailbreaker's truck mode is beefier than his original G1 Toyota mini-truck version, while maintaining the same color scheme and accents - his alt mode is heavily armed and very badass!

Transformation is easier than some and tougher than others, a nice middle ground and a solid vehicle mode.

I like the bold factory-screen-printed Autobot insignia on the hood. I remember when I was a kid and having to apply those damned stickers. They never came out straight!

Trailbreaker and Hoist were essentially the same vehicles/robots back in the G1 days, and there will be a Hoist version of this toy (with a Hoist head and tow hook instead of bed cover) in a future release. But the hook/lack of bed cover just doesn't work as well in vehicle mode as Trailbreaker's version does, so if you only pick one, I say pick Trailbreaker. And if you insist on having a good Classics-ish G1 inspired Hoist, try to get a hold of the Back Road Brawl version. It's ginchy!


  1. I like this Eric it really captures the spirit of the original nicely.

  2. It's getting hard to resist these Generations figures. Are the newer ones pretty sturdy, or do they still fell like they're break if you look at them wrong?

    1. This one is pretty sturdy - there's one point in the transformation where you have to be pretty forceful with the arms and he seems able to take it quite well.

  3. Just love these new figures the IDW series as a reference. New sculpts used rather than repaints.