Action Fleet Slave 1

I don't pick up a lot of Star Wars stuff these days, but couldn't pass up this 1996 Action Fleet Slave 1 when I discovered it for sale for fifty cents at a garage sale yesterday. It's going to look great on my desk at work!

Boba Fett was in the cockpit when I spotted it and I would have assumed it complete at that; however I dug a little deeper in the box it was resting in and found a tiny Han in Carbonite - with an actual tiny Han inside! I then discovered the Slave 1 storage hatch could pop open to hold the precious cargo. How cool is that?

The figures are super tiny; I imagine these are easily separated forever from the ship. So getting them all together at once makes this an even better purchase!

Research reveals that this Slave 1 did come with a stand, which I did not get. I'm ok with that. Since Slave 1 landed just like this in the movie, there's no real need for a stand of any kind in my opinion.

I would have been a little peeved had I missed out on Han though!


  1. Wow! That was a fantastic deal on this one Eric congrats buddy. : )

  2. Who would sell that for 50 cents!? The Han Solo in Carbonite is a really nice touch too. Very lucky find, good eye!

  3. Your luck is so strong you should be planning a trip to Vegas. Nice score. I really wish Kenner had produced their Micro Collection version, but this probably pretty close to what it would have been like had it happened.