Harley Qwednesday :: Bombshell Harley Quinn Cosplay

Toyriffic reader Ted sent along the following pics of his girlfriend cosplaying as Harley Quinn, inspired by the DC Collectibles Bombshell Harley Quinn statue.

"This costume was inspired by the DC Bombshell Harley Quinn art and statue. Most of the costume was modified from existing articles, but the gun, belt, pouches, jingle bell earrings, and bra were all custom made. The jacket was heavily modified with an added collar and art work on back. It was debuted at DragonCon 2013."

Gorgeous! Thanks again Ted for bringing this Harley Quinn Bombshell cosplay to my attention. When I first saw the Bombshell statue I made a plea to cosplayers everywhere to get on this look pronto, and you and your girlfriend really delivered! I'm certain it was a big hit at DragonCon.

Via Ted and Tumblr