April (O'Neil) in December

For as many original TMNT figures as I have accumulated, there was one that I had, until this weekend, never picked up - that spunky reporter and friend to a quartet of teenaged terrapins, the inimitable April O'Neil:

But I couldn't pass up this fine example, in pretty near perfect condition for under a buck.

I know there were a couple versions of April, with stripes, without stripes, etc etc, and even a re-release or two. Don't know if this is an original or a re-release, but she's in pretty good condition, so I assume that she is. Which is fine, it was time to add her to the club.

She's a cute figure, and reminds me a bit of the original Teela. She's in great condition, with a little scrape on the paint of her hair but nothing too dramatic.

I'm only bummed that her action feature doesn't work.

What action feature?

I don't know...I kept pressing where it said to do so, but nothing happened...


  1. I think she comes standard with a slap-in-the-face action feature. XD

    Cool April figure!

  2. I think April is one of those figures from the original line that folks just passed over going after the more interesting ones but eventually you come back to and pick up.

  3. That press confused me as a kid. It just means she is a reporter. It's her press pass. Lol