Terra-ble Twos!

 Last weekend's Bandai Teen Titans action figures finds yielded both versions of Terra!

I thought my daughter already had this version of Terra in her Teen Titans uniform, but we were unable to find it when we looked, so it's a good thing I grabbed this one. She's as basic as all the standard Teen Titan action figures...

 ...but since this is a later release, she looks more like her cartoon counterpart than the first release of Raven did!

Eventually Bandai got their act together and started busting out some real good looking figures; pretty much right before the line was canned.


This version of Terra, in her traitorous Deathstroke affiliation outfit is an excellent likeness with a dynamic pose to boot. My daughter did already have this version of Terra, so this one will be added to my own collection!

I love finding these Bandai Teen Titan action figures at the flea market. They are so simple but quite charming, and as I mentioned before, the later releases to the line were actually some pretty darn good looking figures; like this Terra, Speedy, Red X and the later release of Cyborg. The only Teen titan figure I actually bought at retail was Speedy, but I do wish I had paid closer attention to the line when they were new, it would be nice to have the accessories for some of these guys! I also recall news that there was a planned release of the Doom Patrol, but the cartoon and toyline were cancelled before they got those figures made. Too bad, I would have definitely loved to have those action figures!

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  1. Doom Patrol figures from this line would of been too awesome!