That's So Raven(s)

I haven't seen any Bandai Teen Titans figures at the flea market in a long time, then today I found about six, from two separate vendors. It's funny how these things cycle around.  I even left a couple behind because they would have been doubles (or triples) and I just didn't need to buy them ALL, especially right before Christmas!

I did grab a couple that my daughter already has but that I don't have of my own, because they don't pop up that often, and was able to get a couple we didn't have as well, including the first version of Raven:

This version of Raven is pretty far off-model, but quaint in a 'toy for kids not collectors' sort of way.

She actually doesn't look that bad at this angle. She looks nothing like her cartoon counterpart, but not bad nonetheless.
I also picked up another of the later version of Raven. My daughter already has this one, but I didn't. As you can see, Bandai used the exact same mold from the neck down, and only updated her head. Which is fine, because the figure's body design was simple but effective, and it was that face that needed fixing the most.

The difference from Raven 1.0 is striking; Raven 2.0 looks just like her cartoon counterpart.

As a bonus, Raven 1.0 was wearing a removable hood/cape when I found her. I don't know if Raven 2.0 also came with the hood/cape, I've never found either version of her with a cape until today, but I swapped it over and she looks even better now! Yay!


  1. Never really followed the cartoon but seen a few clips from it and i really liked Slade, Speedy and Red X(?).

    Wouldn't mind finding some figures of them at some point if they made ones of those characters.

    1. I have Slade, Speedy and Red X (as well as an unmasked Red X) and have blogged about them too!

    2. Am going to have to back blog and check those out now. : )