DC Direct Pocket Super Heroes JSA/JLA

These DC Direct Pocket Super Heroes were release way back in 2002. My daughter and I found them at the flea market about four years ago. A nice JSA meets JLA line-up - we were able to find Wonder Woman, The Spectre, Dr. Fate and Martian Manhunter.

Martian Manhunter originally came with the JLA round-table and chairs, but we only found the figure itself.

The Spectre and Dr. Fate are my personal favorites!

There were actually a few versions of Wonder Woman released in this Pocket Super Heroes line. This one was part of a JLA box set, I believe.

These are all pretty fun figures - very basic but charming. I suppose they would be considered minifigures nowadays, or they would get the blind-bagged treatment. They are about the size of a Playmobil figure. I do wish I had paid closer attention to them when they were being released!


  1. I had a couple of these myself at one point but never could get into them for some reason or another.

  2. So jealous!

    I remember my friend had a couple sets of these back in the day, but I never realized how varied the line was. The JLA, JSA, Teen Titans and Legion are all pretty well represented. There's even a pretty cool Green Lantern Corp. pack that includes Jade and Guy Gardner. Looks like they're pretty affordable on eBay; I might have to put together a little set.

  3. Egads! I will be the only one of your comrades that hates them because they look to goofy. That is why I never got any. DC is doing the right thing so far with 4 inch figures comparable with Marvel Universe. Those are what I am looking for. Not these soul less pieces of plastic.