Imaginext Nightwing, Ace the Bat Hound, and other Toy Fair reveals!

Aw yeah! Fisher-Price's Imaginext line continues to hit them out of the park, starting with this upcoming Nightwing and Ace the Bat Hound! FINALLY my Imaginext Krypto will have someone to fight crime with!

An Imaginext Deathstroke (who will probably not be called 'Deathstroke' on the package...remember 'K. Croc'?) is also coming soon!

And speaking of 'K. Croc', it looks like Fisher-Price is putting out a mostly new Imaginext Killer Croc. He looks a lot like the existing Imaginext Killer Croc, but he appears to be wearing some sort of chain/moss/cuff apparatus, which is probably removable. And if you look closer, he also appears to have a steel jaw, like the recent Swamp Raider Killer Croc action figure version. This new version also comes with a jet-ski and a harpoon.

A skateboarding Batman. What, no street-luge?

And finally, this RC Bat-Tank that transforms into a Bat-Bot. Fun!

No word yet on release dates or how these will be sold/packaged/paired up, but I reckon we'll see them all in stores by the end of 2014.

sadly no female DC Imaginext figures revealed, but these things have a way of popping up under the radar, so I won't give up hope of seeing more than just Poison Ivy this year.

All pics via Figures.com


  1. omg, so much greatness here- must have the tank/batbot!

  2. Going to be some awesome ones this year Eric.

  3. YES! YES! Cant wait to get these!!!

    1. Where can I buy for Christmas slade and knightwing? ???

    2. They are Target exclusives I believe. I haven't seen them at retail yet myself though but I know they are being found by some people. Check your local Target stores, and good luck!