LEGO G.I. Robot and the Creature Commandos

Adding to my roster of custom DC Super Hero LEGO minifigures, I recently hit upon the brilliant notion to re-create the obscure yet awesome G.I. Robot and the Creature Commandos in LEGO form!

All of these guys are simple parts swaps between various LEGO minifigures I had lying around, armed with various LEGO weaponry either official, unofficial or knock-off branded. Pretty simple customs, but they look great assembled as a team! And since the likelihood of there ever being an official LEGO Creature Commando set is pretty well nil (unless maybe I hit up the LEGO Cuusoo site and suggest it) these are as good as it's going to get. Unless I alter them as time goes on and I find better parts to make them more comic book accurate of course.

So who are the Creature Commandos anyways? Glad you asked. You did ask, right? If not, I need to up my meds.

Anyways, the Creature Commandos are a group of military operatives who all resemble classic monsters (well, except for J.A.K.E. aka G.I. Robot...who is a robot.) All created by 'Project M', a top secret WWII government organization which specialized in experimental biotechnology and necromancy.

Dr. Myrra Rhodes aka Dr. Medusa is an otherwise normal looking woman, except for her head full of snakes (like a Gorgon) which she developed after inhaling 'strange fumes.'

Private Elliot 'Lucky' Taylor was pieced back together ala Frankenstein's monster after being blown to bits by a landmine.

Sergeant Vincent Velcro is the team Vampire. He volunteered for Project M in order to commute a 30 year sentence for assaulting an officer.

Warren Griffith suffered from clinical lycanthropy before he volunteered - Project M modified his genes so he can now transform into an actual werewolf.

J.A.K.E. aka G.I. Robot. What else can I say - he's a G.I. and a robot.

I'm not sure I'm happy with this one - I'd like a different robot head (one that is grey, not red, to begin with) and possibly a metal-colored arm or hand. I might have to kitbash some of the recent LEGO movie robots. Until then, he's at least a G.I. looking robot, so I got something right.

Well there you have it. My LEGO Creature Commandos. Who knows what crazy custom will I come up with next?


  1. Beyond cool.

    The Creature Commandos all look brilliant, spot-on. You're right about the J.A.K.E custom, but it's still an incredible thing that you made him at all. So much love for those old Weird War Tales.

  2. Ok you know i love both GI Robot and the Creature Commandos so these are just awesome!

  3. Those look just incredible! Now you need to put together a team of Howling Commandoes (the SHIELD Paranormal Containment Unit) to cross universes and duke it out with them.

  4. Amazing creations Eric. I remember seeing ads for the Creature Commandos, but I never managed to find an issue. It sounds like a fun read.