Motivation :: A Random Toy Pic

Just having some Star Wars Lego fun out here in California where the sun always shines.


  1. Ha! That's a great photo. I don't think I even knew there were LEGO Tauntans.

    You know, who needs action figures? With all the properties LEGO has produced, I could replace all the figures I used to have with LEGO versions.

    1. Thanks Chris!

      I actually have two Lego Tauntauns, both found at garage sales. I got this one for 25 cents (with saddle and reins,) and paid 50 cents for the other who was missing those bits. But any regular Lego horse saddle works, or I can slap a little grey piece in and have him be a free-range Tauntaun!

      And I agree, it's getting to the point where Lego is all you need to relive your childhood!

  2. Ha! Love it just too great Eric. : )

  3. Didn't know you lived in Cali. I thought about moving there but the taxes...my lord the taxes!