Happy Star Wars Day :: May The 4th Be With You!

Happy May 4th aka 'Star Wars Day'! While geekdom may be torn between celebrating their beloved franchise today (due to a convenient if not altogether clever pun) and May 25th (the actual release date of Star Wars: A New Hope waaay back in 1977) the rest of the world doesn't give two hoots about your borderline Asperger's and would rather celebrate on the convenient marketing soundbite day.

So who cares what day you celebrate, just enjoy the Star Wars-y goodness you are able to wallow in throughout the month of May (and every day for that matter!)

Yesterday Toys R Us had another of their free LEGO build events. This time, in conjunction with Star Wars Day, they provided a couple micro-spaceships: An X-Wing and a TIE Fighter! The X-Wing is especially cool in this micro size, and as an added bonus the laser cannons can be used as lightsaber handles for your minifigures!

The TIE Fighter is...well...it's a bit jinky. But it gets the point across and makes good target fodder for your X-Wing.

My Toys R Us was only allowing one vehicle per customer (even though the website declared you could build both) but I had two kids with me so we were able to get each vehicle. And who can resist free LEGO?

Not me!

Enjoy your Star Wars day today, May the 25th, and every day!

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