More Than Meets the Eye Week :: Voltron Yellow Lion

I scored a handful of transforming (but not necessarily Transformer) toys at garage sales and the flea market this past weekend, and had the chance to photograph them all too!

So I decided to make this week 'More Than Meets the Eye' week' here at Toyriffic. Starting with another piece of my slowly building Voltron pie: Yellow Lion:

I'm not sure if this Yellow Lion even goes with the Black Lion I already have (I haven't paired them up yet) or if he goes to a different Voltron release.

Yellow Lion has a silver sticker on his base with some Japanese writing on it and 'GB-36', '1981', 'Y&K', and 'Made in Japan.'

He 'transforms' into...well...a foot. Not too exciting on his own, but a robot Lion is exciting enough so no need to transform him. He has some play wear and the tip of his tail is broken off, but for less than a dollar, I couldn't pass him up!

Tune in the rest of this week to see more robots that turn into other junk!