LEGO Bat-Pod Custom

While digging around the internet looking at all the fine bootleg stuff China has to offer, I stumbled on to a bootleg LEGO Bat-Pod aka Bat-cycle. Looking it over, I realized it was something I could cobble together on my own with the LEGO pieces I have at home. Some slight modifications and substitutions later, and I came up with this beauty!

It's a fun display piece, but since I don't have the correct wheels, they don't spin freely on the axles I have created. Which is fine, it won't roll off the shelf when someone bumps it!

I do like the adjustable wheel-height feature. This is an all-terrain Bat-Pod!

I will probably continue to modify this thing, or go back to the drawing board and come up with something 'better.' But it was fun to reverse-engineer the bootleg from the pictures and figure out what parts I needed to make this thing. It was also fun to come up with a few ideas myself (like the 'headlights' and 'tail-lights', and the blue missiles) sometimes out of necessity, since I couldn't find every single part I needed in the exact colors the original was built (namely, black and dark grey!)

Regardless, Batman seems happy.


  1. Awesome custom job Eric. That almost looks good enough to be an official set.

  2. Eric you should start your own custom Lego blog and maybe even selling some of your creations. : )