Extendar - Sticking his neck (and arms and waist and legs) out for He-Man since 1986

Although I was a huge Masters of the Universe fan back in the early eighties, Extendar came out too late in the line (1986) to enter into my collection.

Until last weekend that is, when I found him at the flea market. It was a good weekend for flea-marketing!

Extendar is one of the few MOTU action figures that shares no parts with any other Masters of the Universe figure. He does however have a gimmick action-feature like pretty much every MOTU action figure.

And it's...unique.

I am Extendar - Master of the ancient art of 'Pea-kah-booh'
Extendar is a literal robotic White Knight. He actually looks far cooler in his 'normal' mode than when his action feature is employed. But leave it to the original MOTU toyline to take things to the nth degree:

Go Go Gadget Arms...oops...wrong '80s cartoon.
Extendar's arms...

Top shelf be damned!
36-24-36, bitches!

I wish I was a baller
...and neck all extend to make Extendar's dreams of joining the MOTUNBA complete.

Extendar is...just weird. He's like Mekaneck on steroids. But he is also surprisingly endearing. I like the pearlescent nature of his armor, and he's a bit bulkier that standard Masters of the Universe action figures - as if he were actually wearing armor over their musclebound near-nakedness. His extending bits lock into place quite well after all these years, and only his left leg suffers from the looseness common in MOTU figures. An issue that can be fixed if I ever feel the need. But for now he still stands with a bit of work in both modes, so it isn't as bad as a few MOTU figures I have.

Oddly Extendar has a peace sign embossed on the back of his neck. Not sure if this was addressed in any iteration of the character's storyline, or if this is just something a designer threw in for fun. Peace through superior extending-power? I don't know. Does anyone know?