Brainiac Imaginext Figure

This Imaginext version of Superman villain Brainiac has been at retail for a few months now. Not feeling the need to get too deep into non-Batman themed Imaginext heroes and villains, I didn't really feel like I had to own him. And besides, I much prefer the robo-skeleton version of Brainiac. This Brainiac was clearly inspired by the Superman Animated version.

But finding him at the flea market for fifty cents changed my mind.

Imaginext Brainiac originally comes with a backpack with six robotic tentacles. Mine is missing his, but that isn't really important. A bunch of tentacles coming from Brainiac's back isn't exactly comic-book canon.

It would be fun if Imaginext re-releases this guy with an Imaginext version of his skull-spaceship sometime in the future.


  1. At that price how can you go wrong?

  2. Very cool! Sadly can't find him around here.

  3. Funny you should find this guy today, I was just admiring this toy earlier at Target. I too prefer the Terminator-esque Braniac. I actually found the DC Superheroes Braniac secondhand for pennies on the dollar a while back, he's awesome! :)