Imaginext Blind Bag Series 3 Battle Santa

When I first saw the Imaginext Blind Bag Series 3 line-up, I thought this guy was just some sort of Cossack Warrior. It wasn't until after I had found them at retail and bought all the ones I thought I needed that someone mentioned that this guy's sword handles looked like candy-canes.

Upon closer inspection, it became clear he was actually a butt kicking Battle Santa and that he was very likely inspired by the Santa in the movie Rise of the Guardians.

All hail the King of the North!
I lucked out a couple weeks ago and found this guy on Target's clearance shelf for 88 cents! Talk about a belated Christmas gift!

Battle Santa is well armed, with two massive swords that attach cleverly to the back of his head-piece/jacket. And as you can see, they do indeed have a festive Christmas vibe, with candy-cane handles and holly-esque designs on the blades.

Battle Santa is just awesome, and another example of the rampant creativity coming from Fisher-Price and evident throughout all their Imaginext offerings. Series 4 of the Imaginext blind bags are hitting stores now, but some people are still finding fresh shipments of series 3, so Battle Santa may not be totally out of your grasp this late in the game. I can't promise you'll find him on clearance, but he's definitely worth paying full price!


  1. Love this one! Hopefully the 3rd series will soon be out here.

  2. Not one to mess with during the Christmas Holidays!