Playmobil Wolverine

When I found a set of Playmobil mutton chops in my Playmobil acquisitions, my first thought was of course 'I need to make a Playmobile Wolverine!'

Or at least an unmasked Wolverine aka Logan.

So I did, and it was cool, but THEN I learned that Playmobil actually makes Wolverine claws!!!

I think they are supposed to be a ninja or samurai accessory...but WOLVERINE CLAWS!!!!

So I got my hands on some and now I have an unmasked Wolverine Playmobil figure - with claws.

"I'm the best at what I do, and what I do is provide hours of imaginative playtime fun for the under-ten set."


Of course I had to do an unmasked Logan, since there's nothing in the Playmobil repertoire that even resembles a Wolverine mask, but I tried to mix together clothing colors reminiscent of Wolverine's costume colors as best I could.

If I had the wherewithal, I would 3D print custom superhero masks and other accessories for Playmobil figures. I'm surprised no one is doing so already.


  1. Another great custom. He's almost a more realistic take on Wolverine.