Separated at Birth :: Imaginext Pirate Dive Armor and Bioshock Big Daddy

I have never played Bioshock, but I am in tune enough with pop culture to have immediately known that this Imaginext Pirate Dive Armor is heavily inspired by the Big Daddy character from Bioshock:

Fisher-Price is just killing it with their Imaginext lines!

Not having any emotional attachment to Bioshock, I passed on this Pirate Dive Armor when I saw it at Target a few months ago. I kind of regret having done so, and will continue to look for it and probably nab it next chance I get. If nothing else, it would make a great vehicle for my Imaginext Aquaman or perhaps even Mermaid Man!


  1. I really just want to get my hands on anything that feels "steampunk" in the Imaginext line. I would consider this guy, obviously the blind-bagged "steampunk" guy on stilts (Spring-heeled JAck anyone?), and then the mad scientist from the most recent 4th series... and maybe Frankenstein. It feels like you could put together an entire Steampunk superteam.

    1. Agreed - and I for one hope they bring out a female steampunk character of some sort soon!