Baxter Fly TMNT Half Shell Heroes

Baxter Stockman existed for quite some time in the modern Nickelodeon TMNT series as his regular human mad-scientist self. He even received action figure treatment in one of his robot suits, and also appeared as such in LEGO form I believe. But what he is best known for is being the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's answer to 'The Fly', and he's finally been mutated both on the show and on toy store shelves!

This is the Half Shell Heroes version of Baxter Fly that comes paired with yesterday's Slash. He is also currently available in fly form in the standard TMNT action figure line.

Dig that hipster 'stache!

This modern take on Baxter's fly mutation looks little like the original TMNT version, for one thing Baxter is back to his comic-book correct ethnicity, and while ethnicity is not really evident in either version because he's a mutant fly, the hair-color at least has gone from orange to black. This version is also a bit more loyal to the homaged 1958 movie 'The Fly', down to Baxter's single mutated hand.

In Half Shell Heroes form he's a fun small size, and reminds me of the end scene in the original The Fly. Probably around Halloween I will string him up in some fake spider-web and draw a word balloon for him that says 'Helllp meeee!'

Baxter Fly has the standard 'double leg' articulation at the hips and swivel shoulders, as well as a moveable head. He's a little top heavy and mine has loose hips (like Elvis) so he's prone to toppling over.

I only really picked Baxter up because I was jonesing for Slash, but he's a great figure in his own right. What's not to love about a human/fly mutant hybrid?


  1. What's sad about the Half Shell Hero Stockman-Fly is that he got more of a paint application than the more expensive four inch figure released for the basic line. You can't even see the mustache on the four inch version because it's painted brown like the rest of his face. Playmates corner cutting is getting old fast with this line. Rant over.

    1. It's true. I want to like the standard version but it's just missing too many paint apps for me to buy it.

  2. You did this for me, didn't you? I love these comparisons.

  3. That's pretty awesome. Love the mustache.