I Hate Harley Quinn! :: DC Comics Multiverse Arkham Knight Harley Quinn

Man I am so sick and tired of Harley Quinn.

'Wah wah Mr. J wah wah true love wah wah wah!'

Oh just shaddup, get a tan and get over yourself you overrated two-bit Joker Goon!

April Fools! I love love LOVE Harley Quinn, ya' doofuses! And I always will!

Anyways, I finally found the Arkham Knight video game version of Harley Quinn in action figure from the DC Comics Multiverse toyline.

Batman: Arkham Knight's Harley Quinn looks pretty good in action figure form.

The quality of paint applications on her face can vary from figure to figure; fortunately there were two on the shelf when I found her so I was able to pick up the best one.

Harley Quinn comes with a character appropriate giant mallet - and on one side is molded the phrase 'Your Face Here.' It's nice that Mattel included this mallet, as they tend to scrimp on accessories across the board. It's even nicer that there are fun details on it and it isn't just a lump of generic brown plastic.

The opposite mallet face has three red diamonds embossed on it. Another nice, unexpected detail.

Sadly Harley does not have elbow articulation, so poses with the mallet are limited. She does have wrist articulation, which is surprising. She also has knee articulation, hip articulation, an upper knee rotating cut and neck articulation.

Harley Quinn has been on shelves for a few months now. If you are having difficulty finding Harley Quinn at retail (like I was), check your local Walgreens (like I did.) You might just get lucky!

I can't wait until the Arkham Knight video game comes out. Also available will be a Harley Quinn themed DLC wherein you can play as Harley Quinn herself in an attempt to break Poison Ivy out of jail.

Good times!


  1. Strange that they cut some articulation on her figure. I wonder if it was due to the size of her arms.

  2. Nice review. My preorder for the DC Collectibles Harley just arrived to BBTS but I just shipped a pile of loot so i might be waiting awhile to get her in hand.

  3. Walgreens Is a treasure trove.If senior citizens collected action figures .they'd have the goods,man!