TMNT Mousers

I've had one of these Mousers for years. Originally released as accessories with April O'Neil in 2003, these little Mouser robots are excellent representations of the iconic mindless TMNT foes.

I never owned the 2003 version of April O'Neil, but found my first Mouser at a garage sale years ago for around a quarter. Last week I found a second one for fifty cents at the flea market. Inflation!

They have spring-loaded jaws that clamp down on whatever you can fit within their metallic maw. Their heads turn from side-to-side, and each leg has a single point of articulation at the hip.

These guys are very simple but a lot of fun. And better representations of Mousers than the recent Nickelodeon versions.

Hopefully I'll find more as time marches endlessly forward.


  1. I definitely like them over the newer versions. I loved the Giant Mouser too, though I'm not sure if that came out the same time as these.

    1. The giant Mouser was form the original line, a good decade before these ones.

  2. Been meaning to get the new ones.

  3. Not bad for an action figure accessory.