Wacky Wobbler Harley Quinn Bobble-Head :: Harley Qwednesday

The best thing about this Funko Harley Quinn Wacky Wobbler Bobblehead? Harley Quinn in her classic costume.

As much fun as all the modern takes on Harley Quinn are, there is absolutely nothing that beats her classic look.

Harley Quinn's classic costume is absolutely perfect. As much as she deserves her current popularity, it is a bit of a Catch-22. She's all over the place, but often it's with images of her in her latest duds. Some are fun and some are just plain lame. But it's hard to complain, especially when I can remember a time when there was literally one piece of Harley Quinn merchandise in existence (her first action figure) and I can remember how difficult it was to track down during the pre-internet 'dark ages.'

Today she's everywhere and on everything. Including bobbleheads.

Viva la Harley Quinn!

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