Duplo Clowns

I've previously posted about my adventures acquiring the Duplo cannon and circus clown. Today we take a look at an additional Duplo clown I found at the flea market a couple weeks ago!

I'm pretty sure this Duplo clown is female. She's also the one who lights the fuse and launches the aviator cap clad clown into the stratosphere. Women!

These two Duplo clowns didn't originally come paired together, but they do make a great pair! Duplo has recently re-designed their mini-figures to a more rounded style. I'm still partial to these more blocky Duplo figures, and I'm glad to have a pair of these creepy clowns around. I just hope they don't murder me in my sleep!


  1. I need to keep eyes out for more of these for you Eric and maybe a clown car for them if one exists.

  2. These looks great! We'll keep our eyes open to find them around here.