Harley Qwednesday :: New 52 Harley Quinn Blind Box Vinyl Figure by Kidrobot

Of course the REAL news this week is the official and on-set images of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. But that post just couldn't wait for Harley Qwednesday, so if you missed it go back and check it out!

I recently found out about the Kidrobot DC Comics New 52 Blind Boxed Mini Figures and the Harley Quinn therein, and just had to track her down!

I didn't dare try to score her at retail, as these blind boxed figures make it impossible to discern what's inside without actually opening them up. So I went the safe route and nabbed her off eBay. Your odds of finding Harley naturally are 1/20.

Harley Quinn's 'New 52' outfit is hands-down her worst look ever, and you can tell it is the major inspiration for the Suicide Squad movie look.

But for good or ill the 'New 52' has now claimed it's place in comic-book history. I probably won't bother with any other version of Harley in this guise until the movie stuff starts to hit), and bad costume or no, you can't deny that the Kidrobot aesthetic is pretty cute.

So until we get a Margot Robbie with Kung-Fu Grip action figure, this little vinyl 3" figure was the best way to add Juggalo Quinn to my collection and not feel too icky about it.