STOP THE PRESSES! Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn - First Official Image!

David Ayers just released a full-cast in-character image on Twitter for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, and yadda yadda I cropped out all those nobodies because who cares about anyone but Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie.

Okay, so there's pretty much nothing that says 'Harley Quinn' here. Too much blue, no harlequin-esque patterns, no diamonds, no kabuki makeup, no domino mask. And tattoos. Sexy? Sure. Harley? Not much.

I won't get all 'nerd-rage' though. This is one image. There are a LOT more images in the film at 24fps, and there is story, script and actor ability still left to factor in here.

EDIT: On-set photos are hitting all over the net today. here are a couple closer looks at Harley via Jimmy Palmiotti:

I admit, these look a little more on target, with red/blue colors reminiscent of her New 52 iteration. Not a fan of the face/neck tattoos but the neck tattoo appears to say "Puddin'". The 'Property of Joker' on the jacket is a nice touch, as is the baseball bat.

Okay fine, here's everyone else too. Katana looks good, I have to admit. Neat seeing a live-action Killer Croc as well!


  1. Am not for sure how i feel about this movie just yet.

  2. Quinn looks delicious. Cool to see Croc (even if short).