Happy Star Wars Day: Ain't No Party Like A Princess Party!

Today is May 4th aka 'Star Wars Day' due to the 'May the 4th be with you' pun. You need another reason?

I'm not big into collecting Star Wars action figures like I have been a few times in the past. Nowadays I pretty much keep my Star Wars collecting limited to LEGO (and a skateboard). But old habits die hard, and there are definitely plenty of Star Wars action figures hanging around the Toyriffic Cantina, both of the classic and more modern variety.

Today we take a look at four Star Wars princesses by Kenner. Or more accurately, one Princess in four different costumes from three different movies. By Kenner

Leia in Boushh Disguise was the only Leia action figure I owned as a kid. And I loved her. I've always had a bit of a mask fetish, so any toy or character wearing a mask is miles above your standard maskless character in my book. Plus, this was really the first time Princess Leia did anything interesting in any of the movies, and so there were actually some fun built-in ideas to run with when you set out to play Star Wars in your back yard or living room floor.

Next up is Cloud City Bespin Gown Princess Leia She originally had a vest/overcoat, but mine is missing hers. This figure is both boring and unattractive.


Hoth Outfit Princess Leia is at least a cool toy in that you can use her during your snow battles. But she's still pretty boring in that her role during the Battle of Hoth amounted to little more than Air Traffic Control.

Finally the first and arguably the best Princess Leia action figure from the initial Kenner line: Princess Leia Organa in her white gown (with seventies-action-figure-era vinyl cape.) This figure is actually pretty well sculpted and has a cute face too. This figure is both timeless and a product of her times, and for both of those reasons she's classic and beautiful.

When I was a wee lad collecting (aka playing with) Star Wars toys, I didn't want anything to do with Princess Leia. (Until six years into it and The Return of the Jedi and Boushh Leia came out.) For reasons equal parts 'icky girls' and 'she doesn't do anything interesting,' I avoided Leia for years. But today I have four of them (and probably a few more from later lines if I didn't purge them from my collection a few years back.)

I also have a three year old who likes to wear princess dresses, and whenever she put on a white dress she tells everyone she's Princess Leia. And if that isn't a reason to rejoice on this Star Wars Day, I don't know what is.


  1. Boushh was always one of my favorite Leia figures, along with the Endor version.

    Kenner definitely didn't neglect the Princess. I didn't realize she had so many figures in the vintage line.

  2. I had that Cloud City one as a kid.