Bendy Harley Quinn by NJ Croce :: Harley Qwednesday

After receiving the 66 Batman Bendy set by NJ Croce for Christmas last year, I started paying a little closer attention to the company and their bendable bat related offerings. I was overjoyed when I discovered the next series in their Batman themed collection was The New Batman Adventures, and even MORE excited to learn Harley Quinn was part of the first wave of figures available in the series!

Knowing how much we love Harley Quinn here at Toyriffic, NJ Croce was kind enough to send us a sample bendy Harley Quinn figure, and she's absolutely retro-gorgeous on card.

It's a shame I had to open her for this review. The card is nice heavy stock and is reminiscent of the Kenner action figures released when The New Batman Adventures was on air in the late nineties, and the black and red colors perfectly compliment Harley Quinn's costume.

The cardback is equally beautiful. Simple but effective, it includes a brief character bio along with images of all the characters available in this series. Notice how Harley makes an appearance in wave one, and the Joker doesn't! Mr. J isn't going to be happy about that! In fact, Harley is the ONLy villain in series 1. That's pretty incredible and quite a testament to the girl's popularity.

Thankfully we do get the teaser 'stay tuned for more' which has me excited for more villains to come. Obviously we'll probably see The Joker next, and Poison Ivy and Catwoman are both shoe-ins for early inclusion, but if anyone is asking my opinion I say a bendy Clayface would be pretty darn great.

The Harley Quinn figure is a bendy-beautiful representation of her Bruce Timm animated design. Of course the cartoon designs are very simplified so they aren't difficult to translate into this rubbery format, but it is nice to see the costume components, color transition lines and diamond elements sculpted and not simply painted on/color transitions.

I have to say it feels odd (in a good way) to get this figure new in 2015. I know Harley is at the height of her popularity these days, but most of the toys bearing her grinning visage are either completely different takes on her classic costume or are stylized in some fashion, or both (ie Funko POPs). Even figures like the Imaginext Harley Quinn, while wearing her iconic costume, are stylized to represent that toyline's running design aesthetic.

This figure, so perfectly representing Harley's TNBA appearances, as well as the retro packaging, seem like something that should have been hanging around on toystore shelves back in 1997.

Her thin limbs allow her to bend nicely. If I had the bendy TNBA (or the inevitable bendy TNBA Joker for that matter) I might be tempted to wrap Harley around them in a death (or love) grip accordingly.

The New Batman Adventure single carded bendy figures available now are Batman, Robin, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl. Available as part of a five figure set are Alfred and Commissioner Gordon (along with Batman, Robin, and Batgirl). Order online or look for these at your favorite novelty toy store.

"Later skaters!"


  1. Awesome!

    I imagine the Batgirl bendy I have preordered from this series should be in stock any day now!

  2. I can honestly say I've never wanted a bendy figure until now. How does she measure up to the Hasbro figures? Similar scale? Or way of?

    1. She's slightly larger than her original Kenner action figure incarnation.