Rubber Batduck, You're The One...

You make vengeance lots of fun! Rubber Batduck I'm awfully fond of yooooou! Vo-vo-vo-dee-oh!

During a recent excursion to Walgreens I spotted an assortment of JLA Rubber Duckies and couldn't leave the store without Batduck!

Batduck is around the size you'd expect a rubber ducky to be (or at least the size I expect a rubber ducky to be; if you don't know how big that is you're probably the weirdo.) He also lights up (LAME! How does that help with stealthy crimefighting, I ask you?) and probably floats (I don't see any reason to put mine in the tub for risk of him getting all soap-scummy.)

The assortment also included a Flashduck and a Superduck. It did not include a Wonderduck or the obvious Aquaduck. But here's hoping those appear in a later release.