Playmobil Housewife Harley Quinn :: Harley Qwednesday

"Time for walksies, baby!"
It may not be politically correct to call this simple custom Playmobil figure 'Housewife Harley' but I think it's funny, and I'm pretty sure Harley would appreciate the irony. 'Fifties Harley' also comes to mind but it doesn't carry the same weight. I can totally see Harley trying (and failing) to fetishize the 'domestic goddess' concept in order to impress Joker and this figure really captures that vibe.

It's taken me quite some time, but I finally got the polkadot dressed Playmobil Fi?ures Series 6 figure thanks to Alex at ShesFantastic.com. Ever since my local Playmobil resource, a neat little educational toy store, closed it's doors, I have not had half the luck I used to in getting the Fi?ures I want and need for my collection. Sadface!

Housewife Harley is the simplest of customs, just add Series 1 Geisha head and voila! (Not so) Fun Fact: I've now officially run out of Series 1 Geisha heads. More sadface! I can of course pop these figures apart and back together at a whim, but I'm pretty proud of Hip-Hop Harley, Officer Harley and now Housewife Harley, so my next concept is going to have to be pretty darn clever for me to take any of those gals apart!

Although the clothes are completely different, this is definitely the vibe I am going for with this version of Harley Quinn.

I do have two Playmobil Hyena (Bud and Lou, natch) but I only have one Playmobil leash. So for now Harley will just have to take them for a walk one at a time.