Krypto the Superdog Imaginext Figure

I first picked up the Imaginext Krypto years ago in a two-pack along with the first Imaginext Superman (the one with the sculpted face.) I believe he's been released a few times since then, usually in multi-packs and maybe in a playset or two.

I found this specific Krypto at the flea market (for a  mere quarter!) and gave him to my intern.

I've waited years for Fisher-Price would release an Ace the Bathound to compliment Krypto. But when Fisher-Price finally did release an Ace recently...well...he's a little disappointing.

I take that back. He's not the iconic Ace the Bathound I'd prefer, but he's actually not too shabby and would probably look awesome next to Krypto. The mountain-skateboarding Batman he's included with, however, is pretty lame looking. Not that I'm even all that averse to a mountain-skateboarding Batman in theory. It's just that in execution he does nothing for me and I can't bring myself to buy the set just to have Ace. I'm hoping that at some future date Ace is again released in a different set or multi-pack, or perhaps I'll find him at the flea market for a quarter.

Krypto is simple but wonderfully cute and in perfect scale to human (or Kryptonian as the case may be) Imaginext figures. He only has articulation at the neck, but he does have a cloth cape (something ever Robin himself can't claim!)

It's surprising that Fisher-Price hasn't cashed in on the concept of super pets any more than with Krypto, Ace and B'dg. I guess you could argue that Aquaman's robo-shark and Penguins penguins count too. Regardless, they've not capitalized on the concept to the extent that they could and should - they'd re-sell every Imaginext superhero all over again if they slapped a small simple relevant super pet packed in!

We'd complain that we had to buy those guys all over again, but we'd do it!


  1. They definitely need to have a subset just for the pets. Hopefully they would give them some articulation too.

    I did decide that if we ever get another dog, he's going to be named Ace. I saw an episode of Batman Beyond that focused on him, and it kinda stuck with me.

  2. I can't remember if you have some of the figures from the Krypto cartoon or not Eric?

    1. I only picked up Ace (who came with Bud and Lou) - I REALLY wish I had gone hog wild on them like I wanted to but I kept myself 'under control' and regret not having bought everything (or at least a Krypto!)

  3. I totally agree on that Ace the Bathound figure. I waffled back and forth over whether to buy that thing for easly 15 minutes or more. It was that whole internal conversation of: "You know you'll never see this figure again if you put it back on the hook..." vs. "But he's wearing a bike helmet or something... and he's GRAY."

    The second voice finally won out and and I skipped Ace. And sure enough I have never seen him again.

    1. Same here, I saw him once and passed. Haven't seen him since.