Bootleg LEGO Cyborg and Batzarro

Rounding out the six Bootleg LEGO minifigures I just picked up is this modern take on Cyborg.

this latest bootleg Cyborg comes with a gun that shoots single LEGO disc pieces. I have yet to see one of these in their offcial LEGO version but I know they have recently been popping up in some Star Wars sets.

I already own a bootleg LEGO Cyborg, but the previous one is a more classic take on Cyborg. I kind of prefer the older version as he's a bit more cartoony, but both are pretty awesome.

I also already own the official LEGO Batzarro, but this set included a bootleg LEGO Batzarro and who am I to say 'no thanks' to any version of Batzarro.

Both minifigures have two faces, and Batzarro comes with a batarang (Batzarrorang?) which is more than his official version came with!

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