Harley Qwednesday :: Happy Birthday Margot Robbie!

Upcoming live-action 'Harley Quinn' Margot Robbie celebrated her 25th birthday on July 2nd, and she was surprised with a 'Suicide Squad' on-set celebration which included a Harley Quinn themed cake!

No word on whether or not the candles exploded when lit.

Happy Birthday Margot!

via Margot Robbie on Instagram.


  1. The candles should at least "sparkle"...
    So she turned 25........somewhat "accepting" of this upcoming film... will have to wait to see how they (and Leto) do the Joker...

  2. I love the New 52 comic covers depicted in the cake and the chocolate diamonds. Ironically, the covers are from the Harley series and not the Suicide Squad comics.