Playmobil Catwoman 2.0

Until the official unofficial Playmobil Catwoman comes out in Fi?ures Series 9 I have to be content with my custom Playmobil Catwoman creations. But never content, I had to update my Catwoman from her previous version to this new version upon obtaining a few new pieces I borrowed from the Fi?ures Series 8 burgler.

I changed out her hair with a piece which (along with her legs) came from Aeon Flux. Her torso is from Lara Croft, and her head is the same as the one that came with the burgler (although this one came from a previous release - some sort of space superhero somesuch. I don't remember, but I try to nab domino masked Playmobil headed figures whenever I can for my Harley Quinn customs, which is why I nabbed this one) and I gave her the burgler's jacket and bag of stolen goods/robber tools. I also gave her the lasso from a recent Cowgirl to emulate her whip. Not sure which random figure the arms or gloves come from, but who can keep track anyways?

Although I still haven't solved the riddle of how to give her cat-ears, I haven't really given it much effort either. I'm sure construction paper or something like that would work just fine if I tried. As it stands, she's a solid kitbash custom, and with the addition of the official Catwoman mask when it's released along with Series 9 (painted black of course) she'll be phenomenal!


  1. She looks sweet! How is it guys like you get passed up for jobs at the toy companies? Always love your creativity. Great job as usual. Do they have any cat figures you could take the ears from?

    1. If you know anyone who works at a toy company, feel free to send them my info ;)

      There isn't currently a cat-ear option, but Series 9 (due later this year) will feature a full-on Catwoman mask (inexplicably, or perhaps to avoid a lawsuit, cast in red plastic).