From the Dollar Bin :: Little Plastic Super Heroes by Toysmith

I learned about these dollar bags of little plastic Super Heroes showing up in the dollar bins at Target from the Little Weirdos blog and just had to get my hands on them.

The reason? They're awesome of course! But more than that, they include a pseudo-Batman minifigure which makes them absolutely irresistible!

As if that weren't enough, they also included a pseudo-Robin!

To round out the team, there's a guy who looks to me like the original Golden Age Atom, a guy who depending on his plastic color makes a passable Incredible Hulk, a guy who is either Cyclops or Geordi LaForge, and a kinda' Superman.

The bag includes 20 figures, but to get all the Batguys and Robindudes in all three colors I had to buy two bags. They are pretty cheaply made, and many of the figures in all the bags I saw had a lot of flashing around their seams. Additionally, many figures have black flaws in the plastic, so just look closely when you get your bag and be sure you're happy with the figures you find. Or buy a couple bags.

These things make great Halloween treats, party favors or stocking stuffers. Go get some!


  1. Finally,Target decides to put something cool in those dollar bins!

  2. Am loving mine Eric! And i just did a post on my blog about them.