Gotham Season 2 Premieres Tonight :: Gotham SDCC Exclusive Minimates

Gotham Season 2 premieres tonight! Season 1 had some great moments and a few missteps, but I am hopeful Season 2 will be a bit more cohesive and continue with the more entertaining aspects of baby Batman and 'tween James Gordon. Okay, so they aren't quite THAT young, but you get the idea.

I didn't make it to San Diego Comic Con this year, but my in-laws live in San Diego, and my Mother-in-law likes to run out to Barnes & Noble during the convention, because B&N always sells some SDCC exclusives like Funko POPs and Minimates and she usually grabs fun stuff for the grandkids.

She must have somehow heard that I like Batman, because she picked up this set of Detective Gordon and Bruce Wayne Minimates for me! Well, my wife claims she picked them up for her, but they are in my house so whatever.

Young Bruce Wayne comes with a 'I'm sad my parents are dead' head and a 'Goddammit my parents are dead!' head. I admit that it is kinda morbid to have a 'my parents just died' Bruce Wayne figure, but he is completely unique in my collection (the only other Bruces I have are of the 'Bruce to Batman' variety) so I'm pretty happy to have him.

As for James Gordon, this would be my second, the other being the TNBA Commissioner Gordon. But my first DETECTIVE Gordon!

I'm not sure what makes this set an exclusive - if it's the whole shebang, the accessories, the 'Goddammit my parents are DEAD!' face or just the SDCC sticker. But I'm glad to have it, as Gotham is towards the top of my 'must-see TV' list. And besides, any Batman toy, even if it's pre-Batman, is alright by me!

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  1. Wait a minute? We're only on Season 2 now? Criminy. That first season really seemed to drag on.