Red Hood LEGO Minifigure MOC

About a year ago I made a LEGO minifigure of the pre-Joker version of Red Hood. This past weekend I was shuffling through our LEGO parts and it dawned on me that a red helmet with a red visor might make for a cool looking modern Jason Todd Red Hood. I considered giving him a Robin head behind that visor, but the blank head actually adds to the 'mystery' of the Red Hood. I gave him a hoodie-clad torso from one of the recent blind bag series figures - a skateboarder I think - and some weapons. I couldn't decide if I should go with double hand-guns or heavy artillery so I went with a happy medium - a handgun and a missile launcher.

Red Hood isn't known for his subtlety.

I tried a few different iterations, some bodies with 'armor' ala Arkham Knight, some looking a bit more like the crazy Grant Morrison anti-superhero version, but I kind of like the 'basic' Red Hood I ended up with. There's really not much to him, but he's a fun addition to my LEGO minifigure Bat-Family.


  1. Very cool! I'd love a Lego Red Hood!

    I'm currently on the most recent Red Hood and the Outlaws TPB and I have to say that it's an incredibly entertaining book. It really has developed since the first few issues during the New 52 launch.