AAAHH! Real Monsters The Gromble :: Random Halloween Toy Pic

Aaahh! Real Monsters action figures never show up on my flea market hunts. Ok, not 'never', they only show up ONCE EVER! And this is it: The Gromble.

This guy reminds me of something from The Beatles' Yellow Submarine (and makes me regret giving up my Blue Meanie action figure years ago.) He also looks like he was set too close to a candle as his left ear/fin is a bit singed. He's missing some sort of launchable character that flew from his mouth too, but whatever, he's a goofy looking monster and it's almost Halloween, so yeah.


  1. This is the only figure that we were able to get .... Tim Curry was his "voice"

  2. Those figures are made incredibly well. You're lucky to find one! I spotted a set once, but they were all unopened and the seller was charging a lot more. Forget that! I wanna open 'em and play, like you did here!

  3. I've been seeing more and more of these guys on the interwebs it seems. I've actually found complete sets for not too crazy prices, but I haven't jumped on them yet.

    The best part about them is that they look like they would fit right in with the vintage Ghostbusters figures.