Happy Back to the Future Day!

Today, October 21st 2015, is the day in the future Marty and Doc traveled to in Back to the Future Part 2. And obviously they SERIOUSLY screwed up the timestream because...

...while hoverboards are a scientific fact (but not a kid's toy by Mattel...yet), flying cars are not in every garage. LAME!

Oh well. The future may not be all that the movies promised us it would be, but at least toys both past and present are still awesome!

This batch of Back to the Future toys came to me via Mason at D.I Treasures. They were released in McDonald's Happy Meals waaaaay back in the dark ages of 1992.

Here's that kid who touches himself on the train in Back to the Future 3. In a motorized bathtub. because reasons.

And here's the dog on a sparkly train. For other reasons.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go jump in my flying DeLoreon and watch Jaws 19.


  1. Love Jaws 19...it's not as good as Jaw 21(Jaws 20 was just terrible and the fact they killed off Betty White so early just upsets me to no end so i skip over that one).

  2. I was actually thinking about BTTF and the 2015 of BTTF2 can be explained away as an alternate time line, and that's why we don't see flying cars of Jaws 19 in 3D. Instead we get Sharknado... Seriously, someone should've filmed a Jaws 19 just for the heck of it, I'd watch it!

    Einstein in the Crest toothpaste train was a lucky find, it's hard to recognize as a BTTF toy. i wish the DeLoreon still had it's spark action, but it's still cool. I also love how out of scale Marty is, he's huge! As for "Verne's Junkmobile" I got it just to complete the set. Apparently Verne is a monkey from the animated series, which I have never seen. Maybe I should watch a few episodes in honor of this historic day.

    Anyhoo, take good care of those guys. :)

    1. I totally agree with ya. I feel like NO ONE wanted (or still wants) that weird bathtub-Verne toy. The makers really lost the creative edge with that one...

      The others are great though! That Delorean fired sparks! What kid wouldn't want that?

  3. ha, I remember these happy meal prizes.